I am new to jujitsu I am at to stripe white belt under a Gracie certified training center my question and or dilemma is it is 25 miles away There’s a new studio a half mile from my house who offers jujitsu but it’s not Gracie it’s a satellite studio that falls under Ricardo Cavalcanti. I already take stand up kickboxing twice a week from this closer location but I know the owner My question is being a beginner doesn’t matter which of the two places I go to to proceed towards my blue belts my main concern is self-defense and getting in shape I am a 49-year-old guy who just started about six months ago and with having a full-time and part-time job and a wife and a five-year-old I need to spend some time at home Would make sense to go to the closer place a half mile compared to 25 miles even if I like the farther location the school and the people and instruction at my level ? Thanks in advance